About Me

I could really sum it up by saying, "my name is Marcos Mascarenhas and I love this form of art called photography".

As relevant as it might be, after I launched this website and started sharing my work, it took me a while before I was able to create this "About me" section for the website; I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's always hard for someone to sit down and write about himself, but in my case, it was mostly because (as you might have figured out by now) my favourite way of communication are images rather than words... nevertheless I have decided to give it a try.

I am a Portuguese photographer living in the Algarve, a beautiful sunny region on the south of Portugal. I have always had an unspoken passion for photography, but it was in these last few years that I really dove into it and started to learn more, but most importantly, started to get out there and experiment a lot more. If you add to this the love that I have for the beauties of this wonderful country, it was only natural for my initial focus to be landscape and street photography, since they were the perfect way for me to put together two things I love and showcase them to the world. 

However, recently I also specialised in interior design, real estate and architecture photography and I am now looking to work in this field in a professional capacity, so that I am able to reach that universal goal of making a living with something I love.

On a final note to all of you out there who also share my passion for this art and are now taking your first steps, I can tell you that Henri Cartier-Bresson was absolutely right, "your first 10.000 photos are your worst", so whatever you do, take your camera with you and just keep shooting.

If you like my work I have good news for you, there will be more coming in the weeks, months or even years ahead!

You can follow my work here on the website as well as on any of the links below and if you would like to reach me go ahead to the contact page and send me a message or you can also get in touch with me through any of the social media networks I am on.